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Coupons Clipping Service

We have partnered with a website that offers a coupon clipping service. Their service allows you to get hundreds of coupons one time, each week, or month depending on your preference.  It will consist of hundreds of individual coupons from inserts nationwide so you will have access to the top coupons around.

How it works

  • First, you will need to become a member to their site which is a one time fee and gets you access to an entire step-by-step ebook on the secrets of “Extreme Couponing”.
  • Then you will select a coupon plan depending on if you want coupons each week or month.
  • They also offer the option of giving you 40 or 100 coupon bundles.
  • They will give you a good variety of food, household, and some pet/baby coupons.
  • There will be no doubles or duplicates of any coupons.
  • At this time you are unable to choose individual coupons, but they hope to add this in the future.

To get started, please sign up for their membership here.

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